RMA Book Launch


The Emerald Handbook of Research Management and Administration Around the World is now available. This Open Access book was edited by Simon Kerridge, Susi Poli, Mariko Yang-Yoshihara, who together with the seven regional editors (Jan Andersen, Melinda Fischer, Mark Hochmann, Fernanda Oliveira, Makiko Takahashi, Therina Theron, and Virág Zsár) brought together 127 authors from over 50 countries around the world to contribute to this major new book on Research Management and Administration.

Ultimately, the volume aims to offer evidence-based discussion as a foundation to promote not only the visibility and recognition of RMAs, but also social awareness about the profession.

The book production costs were sponsored by EARMA, DARMA, FORTRAMA, and ARMA-NL whose generous funding has enabled the book to be make open access – free for all to read.