Policy Making in a Research Organization





Policy lifecycle, Policy development, Stakeholder analysis, Institutional alignment, Best practices, Training, Policy implementation, Organisational culture


What is new?

This paper provides research administrators and others with a guide to the stages of the policy lifecycle, to enable them to effectively participate in policy making at their respective institution.

What was the approach?

The paper emphasizes the common scenario where administrators, irrespective of prior policy-making experience, find themselves engaged in policy development due to their operational roles. It highlights the challenges they face and the need for training in policy development, analysis, and implementation, thus providing research administrators with a comprehensive guide to navigating the stages of the policy lifecycle.

What is the academic impact?

The academic impact lies in filling a knowledge gap for research administrators, offering them insights into the intricacies of policy development within research organizations. By addressing the challenges and providing a structured approach to policy lifecycle stages, the paper contributes to enhancing the professional capabilities of research administrators. The emphasis is on alignment with institutional mission, stakeholder analysis, and best practices, and adds academic value by fostering a broader understanding of policy making in the research administration field.

What is the wider impact?

The wider impact of the paper extends to the improvement of policy-making practices within research organizations globally. By equipping research administrators with the necessary knowledge and tools, the paper aims to enhance the overall effectiveness of policy implementation. This has broader implications for organizational efficiency, stakeholder collaboration, and the successful alignment of policies with institutional goals. The emphasis on ongoing communication and a cultural shift towards best practices contributes to a positive and lasting impact on the broader research administration community.




How to Cite

Lada, F., & Vad, A. (2024). Policy Making in a Research Organization. Journal of Research Management and Administration, 3(1), 202405243. https://doi.org/10.18552/jorma.v3i1.948