Thoughts on international research partnerships

How should we go about creating and supporting them?




Partnerships, International


What is new?

This paper explores the approaches an institution might take internally to support the different types and scales of research partnerships.  It identifies three levels of partnership (individual, group or topic, and institutional), and suggests the variations in support each requires.

What was the approach?

The paper is based on personal experiences and observations of practice, originally written as a briefing note for a colleague.

What is the academic impact?

While other papers consider the relationship between the partners, this paper focuses on the conditions for success within one organisation, which will ultimately have an effect on the other members of the partnership.  It complements those papers that examine the inter-relationships between the partners.

What is the wider impact?

Practitioners will be able to use these reflections to understand, evaluate and if necessary evolve their own institution’s approach to research partnerships.  Funders and policy makers might similarly be able to use them in setting their expectations for the partnerships they create or require.




How to Cite

Carter, I. (2023). Thoughts on international research partnerships: How should we go about creating and supporting them?. Journal of Research Management and Administration, 2(1), 202311215.