About the Journal

Focus and Scope 
The Journal of Simulation and Digital Pedagogy in Health, is inclusive of all health related professions and systems across the world. It specialises in content relating to the use of innovative simulation in the practical or virtual form for edcuational, research or clinical uses. It also aims to showcase and establish contemporary developments and practice in digital pedagogy across educational programmes. 

Key areas of interest are

- Simulation activity in the physical or virtual form to develop healthcare practices

- Innovative use of digital pedagogy in higher education

- Use of technology to enhance clinical practices, patient care and educational processes


Type of publications

Research Paper

Systematic Review


Clinical Report

Dissertation Coversion


Access to Content
We have an open access policy that allows individuals to access and publish research for the benefit of everyone and a cost to no one. 

Publication Frequency 
The Journal of Simulation and Digital Pedagogy in Health is published online a minimum of twice a year.

Social Media 
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