Information For Readers

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You may read here the editors duties 

  1. Review of Manuscripts: The Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editors conduct an initial quality screening of submitted manuscripts for fit to the journal’s scope and for originality. The decision as to whether or not to send the manuscript out for peer review rests with them. Once screened the manuscript is assigned for double-blind peer review to two reviewers who are selected based on their specific area of expertise. Each reviewer will make a recommendation to accept, reject, or modify the manuscript. We endeavour to confine the review period to up to 120 days.
  2. Fair Play: The editor will ensure that each manuscript is treated fairly and is reviewed for its intellectual content without regard to sex, gender, race, religion, citizenship, etc. of the authors.
  3. Confidentiality: The editor will ensure that information regarding manuscripts submitted by the authors remains confidential.
  4. Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest: The editors of the journal will not make use of unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript for her/his own research without written consent of the author.
  5. Publication Decisions: Based on the review report of the editorial board, the editor can accept, reject, or request modifications to the manuscript.