From Practitioner to Researcher: A Threshold Concept – A personal reflection on my own 'tug of war'


  • Sarah Elliott University Of Brighton Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • Angela Glynn University of Brighton
  • Jane Morris University of Brighton



epistemology, ontology, paradigm shift, threshold concept


A threshold concept can be considered as a gateway, opening up a new way of thinking about something. In this paper, I share my personal journey and reflections as I embark upon a professional doctorate programme. I share my changing ontological and epistemological views as I undertake a paradigm shift moving from clinician to researcher. As a consequence of understanding a threshold concept, I will share my transformed worldview and the impact of this upon my doctoral studies.


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Elliott, S., Glynn, A., & Morris, J. (2016). From Practitioner to Researcher: A Threshold Concept – A personal reflection on my own ’tug of war’. International Journal of Practice-Based Learning in Health and Social Care, 4(1), 78–87.

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